Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow


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  • Dan (Saturday, February 11 17 04:25 pm GMT)

    Wow, this is some project, I'm impressed. Installation is surprisingly easy with a nice .bat that guides you through. Thanks very much :)

  • JOHN FERGUSON (Thursday, December 08 16 04:01 pm GMT)

    help on how to download to trainsimulator 2106

  • Steven Healey (Monday, November 07 16 01:39 pm GMT)

    Only recently discovered this, can't believe I hadn't before. Love what you have done with the route and the scenery and can't wait for more. Keep up the brilliant work please.

  • Peter (Saturday, October 22 16 01:41 pm BST)

    Great route can not wait for the extension to Helenburg. Route is really a beauty.

  • Chris Quail (Saturday, October 08 16 06:17 pm BST)

    This sounds a really good project! I only wish I could find someone doing the Clyde Coast, but Glasgow will do for now.
    I got your WebSite from "Steam" on my computer with TS2016. I will look into the legal problems with downloading your "Glasgow" routes, but being a "Bit of Rebel", I can't see a problem.
    Best regards.

  • Steven Smedley (Tuesday, March 29 16 05:42 pm BST)

    Hi how do you download The Glasgow Suburban Route

  • Pete Brown (Saturday, September 19 15 07:31 pm BST)

    Superb route, fantastic scenery as well. Great to see a city other than London getting the full treatment! Keep going, I can't wait to see the whole system done.

  • David Sprules (Tuesday, April 21 15 06:28 am BST)

    Well done. Fantastic addition and looking forward to the the next phases.

  • Jean-Luc DEMANGE (Saturday, January 17 15 05:20 pm GMT)

    Beautifull route, fantastic work

  • Alistair Paul (Monday, December 15 14 02:26 pm GMT)

    Excellent work on Phase 1, wishing you continued success in Phase 2.
    Waiting patiently for the scenery to reach Balloch :)

  • Steve Russell (Monday, December 15 14 10:00 am GMT)

    Love your work to date - having read your plans, well, I wish you luck with it - it will be a truly massive bit of work when done Well done so far - brilliant !!

  • Ross (Sunday, December 14 14 11:55 pm GMT)

    Top work and looking forward to the next release keep up the good work

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