Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow


This has been mostly a solo project for me in the evenings and weekends.  However, the following people have helped at various stages along the route, so thanks have to go out!


Darren Porter ( for a lot of advice in the early stages of the route and for suggestions on how the WCMLNorth and NCL might be brought together.  Also for permission to redistribute his custom pantograph.


Reskin Authors:


- Alistair Cowell

- Gary Lennon


Reskin permissions:


- Armstrong Powerhouse for permission to reskin the Class 320 in various ways!

- JWR (including redistributing his ECML fences)


Scenario Creators:


- Adam Forsyth

- Mike Hands

- Adam Reid

- William Houston

- Mark Milmine


All the testers (I'm still building this list so please don't be offended if your name is not here yet!):


- Derek Fry

- Kevin Jones

- Chris Horsfield

- alicatt

- Graham Parkin

- Joe Elliot


- Kelvin Clarke

- Adam Forsyth

- Joe Slavin

- Hamish Wyllie

- Alan Thomson for streaming the test version of the route!


And my wife Rekha for putting up with all this for six years!

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Suburban Glasgow