Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow

Older Versions

Suburban Glasgow Phase 4


Please note that Suburban Glasgow Phase 4 is no longer available.


Important, older versions will share the same UUID (route id) with the Workshop route, so understand that installing one will overwrite the other.  If you wish to run both, I suggest cloning the older full merged route then installing the new Suburban Glasgow route...



Latest Version


North Clyde Line


Download from this link--->

Workshop Scenery ACE-tracks.bin-WCMLN-NCL


The version is displayed in a marker at the end of Finnieston siding (the siding beside Exhibition Centre Station)


Note it is no longer necessary to delete old versions of the route prior to installing.  This should also ensure that custom scenarios get preserved (although changes to the scenarios included with the route will be overwritten).  Follow the same install method outlined below.  If you choose the more manual method then also be sure to select "Merge" or "Overwrite" if prompted.


Go to the Prerequisites section and follow the link to download the UKTS Freeware packs.  This may take some time but is free.  Also be sure to download the free Class 318 (including carmyne and cream reskin) shown on that page, as all the scenarios use it to some extent.  Note, you only need to do this once, even for subsequent versions.


Then, to install the merged route, do the following:


1)  If you have installed the Workshop route previously, please make sure you remove the old version and allow the new version to download from scratch.


2)  Download the latest North Clyde Line from above.


3)  I am adding an additional step here as doing this can avoid countless problems!  Wait until the Workshop route is visible inside TS2017.  If you are finding random crashes then my guess is the Workshop scenery was not finished being downloaded prior to you running the job to merge the routes!  Doing this will prevent that.


4)  Once you have the NCL zip downloaded and you are sure the Workshop scenery is completely downloaded as per the above, unzip it and then either:


- run NCL_install.bat (as previously)


*or, if you know what you're doing*


- Copy the Assets folder to your Assets in Railworks and run work_reskins.bat inside the tluamiani/NCL folder.  If prompted, select to "Overwrite" existing files.

- Copy the 845760ab-a5db-4673-a1e1-ee524317645d folder to your Content/Routes folder in Railworks.  If prompted, select to "Overwrite" existing files.  Then run:

add_wcml_to_ncl.bat to install the full merged route


Suburban Glasgow Phase 5.2


For people unable or unwilling to update their route to the large Suburban Glasgow merged route, a version of Phase 5.2 will continue to be available here.



Latest Version


Detail Pack


Download from this link--->NCL-5.2e.rwp

Workshop Scenery available here-->Workshop Route


The version is displayed in a marker at the end of Finnieston siding (the siding beside Exhibition Centre Station)


Installations instructions are per the regular detail pack.

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Suburban Glasgow