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Suburban Glasgow Test Version

There is currently no active test version.


Hello and welcome to the Suburban Glasgow test version!


Many thanks to both Thomson Interactive and Milepost Simulations for permission to include their products in this merged route.  Please note that, due to Suburban Glasgow using the original Kuju textures, I have had to retexture routes that are merged in to use the same texture set.  This may give some of the routes a different "look" than supplied out the box!


As the route is getting bigger and bigger with every release, it has now got to the point where I have decided to have a dedicated test version of the route that people can review prior to me releasing the main thing.


Detailed installation instructions are included further down this page.


Note that all the assets are presently distributed in the main Suburban Glasgow route.  This means it is effectively a prerequisite at present.  With the start of Phase 6.1, the assets for the test version will be distributed here.


Current Version





Detail Pack


At the moment, only the bare detail pack is available - assets must come from the main Suburban Glasgow package.  Download from this link->NCL-6.0b-test.rwp

Workshop Route


The version is displayed in a marker at the end of Finnieston siding (the siding beside Exhibition Centre Station).


Note, if the version is displaying as anything other than 6.0a then you don't have the latest one.


Here it is->Test Workshop Route


These instructions assume you know how to use basic navigation in Windows Explorer:


0.       The "pre" step is only for people who have the test route installed already and does not

need to be attempted if you are installing from scratch.  You have the choice of either removing the route before upgrading it (be aware that you will lose all the scenarios you have added).  To remove the route completely, just go in to the Build Menu in the sim and remove it using the options there.  Very straightforward.


If you prefer to upgrade it instead, you can do.  Just follow the instructions below, but ensuring you do the version check in Exhibition Centre Station between the completion of the Workshop and the installation of the Detail Pack.  If you do not do this then it's very likely your installation will fail.


1.       Subscribe to the Workshop route, Suburban Glasgow Test Version, from the link shown above.


2.       Watch Steam for the download completing.


3.       Once the download has completed, start the sim.  Let the main menu

screen come up and wait for a few seconds.


4.       There are different ways to make sure the Workshop route has installed correctly.

You may have your own way, but this is what I suggest if you're unsure.  Once you're sitting at the main manu, as per 3 above, go away and make a cup of coffee or go to the shops or something - just make sure you leave it sitting at the main menu and doing nothing.  It takes a few minutes to actually install, so you need to just let it do so.  Even leave it overnight at this stage if you want!!!  Note that this is something that can apply to any Workshop download, although Suburban Glasgow is a bit worse in this respect because it's so big.  There's no "this is now installed" message from the Workshop (there absolutely should be), which I think is why so many people start the next step too early, which to be honest, is the cause of all the problems people have had!


It's important to know that the download completing in the Steam window does NOT indicate the Workshop route has installed successfully, which is why I always emphasise the next step before looking at the detail pack.


The Suburban Glasgow test version is even bigger now with the inclusion of the three other routes, so please make sure steps 4 and 5 are completed before moving on.


5.       Restart the sim.  Go in to the "Build" menu and ensure Suburban Glasgow Test Version

is listed.  If you are installing from scratch then this is all you need to do and you can go to step 6.  If you are upgrading from a previous version then you should start the route (either from Build or from one of the Drive options) and go to Exhibition Centre (two stops west from Central Low Level) and verify the version in the siding matches the version listed above.  Do not touch the detail pack until this is the case.  Note, the route is not completely installed yet so don't expect it to work properly.  The purpose of the Workshop route at all is so the Copyrighted parts of the route (WCMLNorth, Edinburgh to Glasgow, WHL South and WHL Extension) are distributed legally.  The Detail Pack adds in my bits!


6.       Next up, unsubscribe from the Workshop route.  Yes, this might sound

counterintuitive, but remember that unsubscribing from a Workshop item does not remove it, it only prevents you getting updates to it.  You need to do this as, if you're subscribed to it, then the Workshop is smart enough to know if you have an old version and update it automatically.  Unfortunately, it's not smart enough to know that the detail pack is not an old version as it doesn't match what it has online!  So this means if you are still subscribed when you install the detail pack, then the Workshop will come and overwrite it the first time you restart the sim.


7.       So to the rest of the installation.  Firstly, ensure you have the following UKTrainSim

Freeware packs installed:


Blocks and Lofts
Railway Buildings


These can be downloaded from


There are instructions for installing them on their website but it really isn't difficult!  You can download them for free (I did the first time) at a significantly reduced speed or pay a small premium to get something a bit more bearable.


Note you only have to do this once, even for subsequent releases of Suburban Glasgow.  If you do not wish to download the Freeware packs then I'm afraid the detail pack will break your Suburban Glasgow route so do not continue with the steps below!!


8.       Next, set up Utilities.exe to run.  If you have already done this then you can skip

this step.  This is a generic installation tool for Railworks/Train Simulator and is used to install files that end in .rwp. (rwp stands for Railworks package).


Open Windows Explorer and find your Railworks directory.  This will usually be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks but can vary.  If your Railworks directory is in a different location then I imagine you will already know this, so you can continue!  The screenshot below shows Utilities.exe on my own PC:


Double click on it to start the tool.  Your PC might ask you if you're sure you want to do this so confirm when asked.  I also have Utilities.exe as a shortcut as I use it all the time - I recommend doing the same.  Note, on some PCs this might just be called Utilities.


Once it is running, you will see a window like this:

Click on the Package Manager tab and then click Refresh.  You will see the main Package Manager window now which looks like this:

9.       If you have not already done so, download the detail pack from the link at the top

of this page.  Make a note of the location you save it to.


10.     Click Install in the Utilities tool.  You will see the window like this:

Navigate to where you saved the detail pack to and select it, then click Open.


The detail pack will then go through the installation.  Once it's completed, click Refresh to refresh the Window.  NCL-x.x will show in the list.


11.      Assuming you have the main Suburban Glasgow installed then the test version should now

be completed...

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