Suburban Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow

Suburban Glasgow Test Version

Hello and welcome to the Suburban Glasgow Test Version!


Many thanks to both Thomson Interactive and Milepost Simulations for permission to include their products in this merged route.  Please note that, due to Suburban Glasgow using the original Kuju textures, I have had to retexture routes that are merged in to use the same texture set.  This may give some of the routes a different "look" than supplied out the box!


Note that the installation of the test version has changed.  Please give feedback on how this compares with previous versions - hopefully it is a lot more straightforward now!  The executable installer for the second part of the installation is new.  The testing of it is as much part of this test version as the route itself!


The prerequisites for the test version are:


West Coast Mainline North

West Coast Mainline over Shap

Edinburgh and Glasgow

London Faversham Highspeed

West Highland Line South

West Highland Line Extension

Glasgow Airport Rail Link

Suburban Glasgow Merged Route Workshop


and the UKTS Freeware Packs related to scenery.


The Suburban Glasgow Merged Route Workshop is required as it adds in all the merged routes joined together before installing the main Suburban Glasgow route.  All eight of these routes must be present for the Test version, although cut back versions of the actual released version may be provided with fewer prerequisites.


Suburban Glasgow Merged Route Workshop is available here (install first)---->INSTALLER Suburban Glasgow Test

The main Suburban Glasgow Test Version download (the Detail Pack) is available here---->Suburban Glasgow-6.0.1.exe


Be sure to allow the Suburban Glasgow Merged Route Workshop to completely install before starting the installer, although if you don't it will tell you this and ask you to wait.


There is one scenario in the Test version, a Whifflet to Dalmuir service.  Prerequisites for this are as per the "Core Prerequisites" in the Scenarios section of the website.

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Suburban Glasgow