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Issues with the route I guess can be split in to two.  Either you are having problems with 1) the operation of the route - anything from crashes to bad red signals or incorrectly operating scenarios, or you are 2) having problems with the visuals in the route - perhaps the track appears to be floating through the air or you are missing some buildings, or other such anomalies.  All of the route has been thoroughly tested, so if you do see floating track (at least within the scope of the completed phases) or other massive gaps, then you do have an issue and should go and track it down.


I'll deal with 1) first here, as it is the thing least likely to be fixable from this page, and might just end up with me saying "Sorry, can't be fixed"!  First of all, look at this table:




YF494 east of Partick is placed 20 metres east of where it should be

Seems to be an issue with a crossover just before the junction that the feathers are attached to.  Fix (possibly temporarily) by moving signal after crossover.

Feathers not working in some cases

This is a sporadic issue (the worst kind) and appears to be related to the positioning of AI traffic.  The feathers on signals GS5855 (near Shields ETD) and GB5180 (Muirhouse Jn) do not always illuminate.  The green aspect still shows so the train can continue.  This is not as bad as a broken solid red signal (which would prevent me releasing) but should ideally still be fixed.  Note that in Phase 4 I've seen cases of this happening on the approach to Dalmuir from the west...

YH499 west of Partick does not protect up line when set to Hyndland siding

I've tried several different permutations of the track and signalling here, including placing the tag on the up line as opposed to Hyndland Siding itself.  However, when the track is set to go from Partick in to Hyndland siding, it seems YH499 will only ever show the state of Hyndland Platform 2 and not the up line.

Signals at Helensburgh and Milngavie not represented properly

2A Theatre signals not available. Put a 3A with disabled green instead.

Signals at Dalmuir not represented properly

2A multi track signals not available

2A Repeaters do not always trigger AWS

Limitation in repeaters.  Can be got around if the following main signal is also 2A, otherwise I have avoided placing AWS as it may trigger wrongly.


If your issue is listed here then I'm afraid there's likely to be nothing further will be done about it, or at the very least, I already know about it so it may be fixed at some point in the future.


If you have an issue with 2), then rather then going through the specific issues, I have a test you can do that will hopefully show you where the problem is.  Do the following:


1)  Open the route at Anniesland station.  You can do this either by firing up Anniesland Free Roam or by starting a Quick Drive at Anniesland.  Turn to face the station building.


a) If you see the the building below then you are running the Workshop route.  If you think you have installed the Detail Pack then I'm afraid you haven't!  Go back to the Detail Pack section and ensure you have followed all the instructions carefully.

b) If you see the building below then you have installed the Detail Pack and successfully run the work_reskins bat file.  If you still think you have issues then please jump to d).

c)  If you don't see a building at all, as shown below, then:


i) if you see the Anniesland nameboards on the station lamps then you have installed the Detail Pack but not run work_reskins.bat so you should go back to step 7 in the Detail Pack instructions


ii) if you do not see the name boards at all then there's a more difficult issue and you should contact me

d)  Moving on from Anniesland station, head a little south towards Hyndland Junction and look at the embankment there.


i)  if you see the following (with a gap between the track and the grass) then you are missing at least one of the UKTS Freeware packs and the route will look awful.  If you do not wish to download the packs then resubscribe to the Workshop route and just stick with it!

ii)  If you see the below (ie - with no gap) then you have the UKTS Blocks and Lofts pack at the very least.  You will know yourself if you installed the rest, so if this is ok then the rest probably are too:



2)  If none of the above fixes the issue then open the map.  Zoom in on Exhibition Centre station (between Anniesland and central Glasgow) until you see the following:

Note the version at the end of Finnieston Siding indicates NCL-4.0e.  This should always match with the version indicated in the Detail Pack page as the latest Workshop route version.  If it is not then you may be advised to start the installation again, right from Subscribing to the Workshop route...  Always ensure the version is correct before attempting to install the Detail Pack.


3)  If none of this works for you then please send me a message at the Contact Us link above!

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